Mathews Lift Mod Chart

Need to order a new set of Mathews Lift draw mods? Use our helpful Mathews Lift mod chart below to identify the set of mods that match your draw length.

The Mathews Lift is new for 2024, and as the name suggests comes in at under 4 pounds. The Mathews Lift utilizes the same RPD Limbs as the 2023 Mathews Phase 4 so at first glance it looks similar.

However, for the first time in many years Mathews Archery has changed up the cam system. The Mathews Lift utilizes Switchweight X mods to change the Draw Length, Draw Weight, and Let-Off.

We are here to help you find the right Switchweight X mod for your Mathews bow.

Mathews Lift Mod Chart

Because of the all new Mathews SWX system, many archers are having trouble sourcing Switchweight X Mods. Online, you will see reports of long lead times at dealers for appropriate mods.

If you’re lucky, your new Lift will come equipped with the right Switchweight X Mod. If not, be prepared for a potential wait as Mathews gets this all new mod out to its network of dealers. Be patient. Mathews manufacturing will soon catch up with the demand for this hot new bow.

The chart below shows which draw mod you need to order for your Mathews Lift. Draw lengths range from 26 inches to 31.5 inches on the Lift 33 and from 24.5 inches to 30 inches on the Lift 29.5.

Mathews Lift Mod Chart

Mathews Lift Mod Chart

To shoot the all new Mathews Lift with the Switchweight X Cam, visit Mathews Archery to find a dealer near you.

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