PSE Evolve 35

The PSE Evolve 35 debuted in 2017 and remained in the PSE lineup for 2018 and 2019. The Evolve 35 served as PSE Archery’s crossover bow, pulling duties as both a hunting and target rig.

Archers who are looking for a bow with some speed that is incredibly easy to shoot should take notice. 2017 marked the debut of the incredibly popular Evolve Cam System from PSE. Along with the PSE Evolve 35 came a 28 and 31 inch ATA offerings.

While the PSE Evolve 35 is no longer produced, its influence lives on. The Evolve Cam System has changed the game for PSE Archery. Nearly every PSE flagship bow since sports the Evolve Cam or some variant of it.

PSE Evolve 35

PSE Evolve 35 Specs

IBO Speed332 – 340 FPS
Brace Height6.5 Inches
Axle To Axle Length35 Inches
Let Off65 – 90%
Draw Length26 – 31.5 Inches
Draw Weight50 – 70 Pounds
Bow Weight4.6 Pounds

PSE Evolve 35

PSE Evolve 35 Review

Fit and Finish

The PSE Evolve 35 riser features aggressive styling to match its impressive features. The riser has more mass than the slim PSE risers of past years.

It reminds me of something Batman would hunt with. The curves and angles feel mean and intimidating. It feels more substantial and sports more mass, adding to its rigidity.

Along with that, PSE has engineered built in riser stabilization ports to improve the shooting experience.

The PSE Evolve 35 is available in multiple finish options. You can order yours in Black, Charcoal, Mossy Oak Breakup Country, Kryptek Highlander or PSE Skullworkz 2 Camo.

Since the PSE Evolve 35 can pull double duty as a target bow it’s also offered in some fancy colors. Archers can also order theirs in Green, Orange, Purple – all with black limbs.

This bow is equally at home on the 3D archery range or in the woods hunting. Whether it’s spot or stalk out west or eastern whitetail treestand hunting – you can do it all with the PSE Evolve 35.

PSE Evolve 35


The Evolve 35 grip is another big change from PSE in 2017. Compared to the bows of years past, the grip is not as slender.

The original concept of the narrow grip was to reduce torque at full draw. However, in 2016 PSE introduced a wider grip that many found to be more comfortable.

Despite the increase in width, accuracy didn’t suffer. Shooters found this to be a win win. PSE bows of today still sport this same style of grip.

With the Evolve 35, the grip is still integrated into the riser. However, it doesn’t feature rubber side plates like PSE bows of previous model years. The PSE Decree HD 35, a direct competitor in the 35 inch ATA space, sports a much slimmer grip. If you’re upgrading from this 2016 model bow to the 2017 PSE Evolve 35 you will notice a difference.

Other PSE bows from this era are not that much different though. The PSE Full Throttle and DNA SP featured the B.E.S.T. Raptor grip. This was a wider grip than the PSE B.E.S.T grip and of comparable size to the grip on the PSE Evolve 35.

Overall, it was a good change that is easy to adapt to and allows for consistent hand placement leading to down range accuracy.


  • Evolve Cam System
  • 90% Let Off (Adjustable)
  • Wide Track Limb System
  • Wedgelock Limb Pockets
  • RollerGlide Cable Guard
  • Rotating Mods
  • Built In Riser Stabilization Ports

Shot Cycle

The all new Evolve Cam System is a quad track cam. Essentially, it is a twin cam system that has a yoke built into each cam. The yokes run around the cam and act as a pully in the system.

If that’s not important to you, know this. The Evolve Cam is incredible. What a great shooting experience.

When drawing back the PSE Evolve 35, expect to want to double check your poundage. When I first shot a 70 pound bow I was sure I had picked up a 60 pound model by mistake.

There are a lot of smooth drawing bows on the market, but the draw force curve on the Evolve 35 will leave you smiling. There is no struggle needed to achieve the 342 feet per second speed.

The feel of the bow is highly adjustable. Shooters are able to switch between multiple letoff modules which also alter the overall speed of the bow.

PSE Evolve 35 Specs

We shot a few different arrows through the chronograph to check arrow speed.

Set at 70 pounds with a 28″ draw, the PSE Evolve 35 shot a 555 grain arrow 265 feet per second.

Afterwards, we backed the bow off to 60 pounds and tried a different arrow. Our new arrow weighed 421 grains and we saw speeds of 264 feet per second.

Both arrow setups were shot through the chronograph with 85% let off on the Evolve 35. 265 feet per second is adequate for hunting anything on the planet. Either of these arrow setups should satisfy 60 or 70 pound shooters.

Along with the smooth draw of the Evolve Cam, the new PSE Roller Glide is a super slick addition to the bow. It provides a frictionless slide for the cables, reducing the effort needed to draw the bow. Since 2017 this has become standard across PSE’s Pro Series bows.

The PSE Roller Glide can be a little hard on the cables. Because of this, I like to have my cables served where they pass through the roller to decrease wear. Do this and you’ll likely have no issues.

Final Thoughts

Year after year bow companies make minor tweaks and adjustments to their platform to improve their product. That was not the case with the PSE Evolve 35. In 2017, PSE changed the game.

The debut of the Evolve Cam represents a serious advance in technology from PSE Archery.

Sticking with the PSE Decree HD comparison, it’s a great bow with similar specs on paper. The Decree 35 HD is another 342 fps 6.5 inch brace height bow. Nearly identical. On paper.

In the hand and on the archery range, the story changes. It hardly holds a candle to the Evolve 35.

What it lacks is the intangible experience you get when shooting a PSE bow with the Evolve Cam. And that’s saying a lot because I really liked the HD cam. Easy to tune, easy to shoot. Time your cam rotation and twist your yokes for great bareshaft flight.

However, the HD lacks the adjustability and refinement of the brand new Evolve cam. I guess it’s pretty obvious at this point why PSE has continued to build upon the Evolve year after year.

And if you want to see where it all started in 2017, there’s no better place to start than the Evolve 35. The best of the trio in my opinion. Check out the comparison chart below to see specs of all three.

You may disagree with my ranking, but one thing is for sure – you can’t go wrong with any Evolve Cam bow.

PSE Evolve Bow Comparison Chart

Evolve 28Evolve 31Evolve 35
IBO Speed335 FPS346 FPS332 FPS
Brace Height7″6.25″6.5″
ATA Length28″31″35″
Let Off65-90%65-90%65-90%
Draw Length24.5 – 30″24.5 – 30″26 – 31.5″
Draw Weight60 – 70 lbs60 – 70 lbs50 – 70 lbs
Bow Weight4.1 lbs4.3 lbs4.6 lbs

PSE Evolve 35 String Specs

The PSE Evolve 35 utilizes a quad track cam system. This means it is comprised of a bowstring, two control cables and smaller yokes. This is a five piece string set unlike an older PSE hybrid cam bow. To refresh your bow you will need to order a set in these lengths:

String: 62.5 inches
Control Cables: 32.56 inches

Yokes: 15.75 inches

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