Prime Centergy Specs And Review

The 2017 Prime Centergy unleashes some unique technical advances to further accuracy in archery.

Utilizing four cams in parallel, shooters can forget about horizontal nock travel. Combined with the Prime Ghost Grip located in the center of the 82X aluminum riser, archers will appreciate the stability of the Prime Centergy at full draw.

With an MSRP of $1,099 this bow faces some stiff competition, but its easy to see that the Prime Centergy is a serious contender in the premium compound bow market.

Prime Centergy

Prime Centergy Specs

IBO Speed333 FPS
Brace Height6.5 Inches
Axle To Axle Length33.25 Inches
Let Off75% – 85%
Draw Length24.5 – 31 Inches
Draw Weight40 – 80 Pounds
Bow Weight4.3 Pounds

Prime Centergy Review

Fit and Finish

The Prime Centergy riser is machined from 82X aluminum. 82X is a proprietary blend of aluminum that offers an increased stiffness. It is both stronger and lighter to keep the overall bow weight down.

Along with increased stiffness, the 82X Aluminum riser has an integrated feature called the SWERVE. The SWERVE is a curve built into the riser of the Prime Centergy to eliminate lateral movement during the shot cycle. As a result, there is less noise and vibration along with more consistency. Less lateral movement will lead to increased accuracy.

The Prime Centergy is available in multiple finish options. You can order yours in Realtree Xtra, First Light Fusion, Optifade Elevated II, and Optifade Open Country. If you would prefer a solid color bow, it is also offered in Black, Recon Gray, Super Chrome, Electro Red, Electro Blue, Electro Teal or Electro Orange.

These Electro finishes were new for 2017 from Prime Archery and geared more towards the target market.

Additionally, this was one of the first bows offered in First Lite Fusion – a new pattern for the popular hunting gear brand. While I preferred their camo in ASAT camo, they developed their own proprietary camo in Fusion and Cipher and phased everything else out.

That being said, First Lite Fusion looks incredible on bows and gives archers many potential choices for custom string colors.

Prime Centergy


A lot of development went into building a well balanced bow. The result was the Prime Centergy. The engineers determined that by placing the grip in the center of the 33.25 axle to axle bow, archers could expect a bow that is 49% more stable.

That’s a big claim that I haven’t been able to prove, but I can’t dispute the balance of the bow. The Prime Centergy holds on target remarkably well for a 33.25 inch axle to axle. It makes a great candidate for a do-it-all 3D and hunting bow based on my shooting experiences with it.

At the heart of the riser is the Prime Ghost Grip. Bow grips are incredibly subjective. I’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t like this grip. Whether you like shooting off the bare riser or a big chunky grip, I think you’ll get along well with the grip on the Prime Centergy.


  • Parallel Cam System
  • TRK Cams
  • Flexis AR Roller Cable Guard
  • Concentric Swerve Riser
  • Riser Machined From 82X Aluminum Alloy
  • Prime Ghost Grip
  • Centrally Located Bow Grip

Prime Centergy Specs

Shot Cycle

The Prime Centergy sports a very unique eccentric system to power the bow. As you can see above, the bow has dual TRK Cams at each axle. That means there are four cams as opposed to the one or two you would normally see.

This unique system was designed to solve horizontal nock travel that is caused by cam lean. The engineers at G5 determined that two cams equally pulling on the string track at full draw will result in better arrow flight.

The parallel cam system developed by Prime Archery has been proven to eliminate horizontal nock travel. If you’ve been fighting inconsistent arrow flight during your tuning process, you know how frustrating this can be.

Additionally, the TRK cams on the bottom limb are smaller than the top. Because of the centrally located grip on the Prime Centergy Riser, this was necessary to keep everything balanced. More high tech engineering to maintain a unique shot experience.

Archers can choose from either cable stops and limb stops when shooting the Prime Centergy to fine tune the back wall feel they prefer.

The TRK Cams on the 2017 Prime Centergy are draw length specific. This means they require a module to change the draw length from 24.5 to 31 inches. Other 2017 bows have rotating modules that allow archers to change the draw length to suit them without any additional purchases.

This is one thing I would have liked to see from Prime but that development is reserved for another day.

Prime Centergy

Final Thoughts

Prime, like Athens Archery, does not have the biggest dealer network. Because of this, it has been difficult for me to shoot the newest Prime bow year after year.

I have relied on picking up previous used models at a generous discount. It’s not a bad way to go. A gently used bow at nearly 50% off makes it easy to buy and try lots of things. Archers are always on the lookout to upgrade, myself included.

The Prime Centergy is enjoyable to shoot and has seen time in the field with me this year. While it isn’t the quietest or fastest bow on the market, it is lightweight and balanced. This lends itself to carrying to and from the treestand.

Because of its well-balanced riser I didn’t need to add any additional stabilization weight, making it seem even lighter and more nimble.

When setting up my bow, I chose the limb stops for a rock solid back wall at full draw. If limb stops are offered on a bow, I always go that route. I have several friends that go the opposite direction, so it’s nice when bow manufacturers give you the choice.

The Prime Ghost grip gave me total confidence at full draw when whitetail hunting. I felt completely capable of taking an off balanced shot from an awkward position in the treestand.

No amount of weird angles was going to cause me to torque my bow and blow the shot. For me, the results speak for themselves with the Prime Centergy.

G5 Prime Centergy
Mature whitetail taken with the G5 Prime Centergy during archery season.

Prime Centergy String Specs

Because of the Prime parallel cam system, you will need a 5 piece string set when it comes time to restring your Prime Centergy. A 5 piece string set tends to be more costly than your typical 3 piece hybrid or binary cam set.

Bow strings and cables don’t last forever and ordering a new set may put you over budget. Something you may want to consider if you are thinking about purchasing a used Prime Centergy.

To refresh your bow, you will need:

String: 26.7 inches
Control Cables: 40.5 inches

Yokes: 34.8 and 30.6 inches

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