PSE Mach 34 Specs And Review

New for 2023, the PSE Mach 34 is light. 3.65 pounds to be exact. But that’s not all. That tiny package comes with a ton of technology. The PSE Mach 34 specs speak for themselves.

This 34″ axle to axle flagship bow sports the smooth drawing EC2 cam. Many PSE bows have multiple cam options available. The EC2 cam, however, is the only option available for the Mach 34.

PSE Mach 34 Specs

There are many technological advances built into the PSE Mach 34. The bow utilizes the EZ 220 Snap Spacer System. Shimming cams is no longer a time consuming endeavor. The Mach 34 features integrated mounting systems for both the Hamskea Epsilon and QAD HDX.

The Mach 34 grip is slim and repeatable, designed to reduce torqueing the bow. Combined with the Full Draw Stability System, your accuracy will be unmatched. All these features comes at a cost though. The PSE Mach 34 price starts at $1799. Is that too much to spend for a bare bow? Only you can decide.

PSE finishes their flagship carbon hunting bow in Charcoal, Black, Kryptek Skyfall, Kuiu Verde, Tan or Charcoal with Sitka Limbs, and Mossy Oak Bottomland like ours pictured here. See the full specs for this 2022 PSE hunting bow below.

PSE Mach 34 Price

PSE Mach 34 Specs

IBO Speed330 FPS
Brace Height7.25 Inches
Axle To Axle Length34 Inches
Let Off65% – 75%
Draw Length26.5 – 32 Inches
Draw Weight50 – 80 Pounds
Bow Weight3.65 Pounds

PSE Mach 34 Grip

PSE Mach 34 Price

Looking for a PSE Mach 34 for sale? As you’re well aware, the Mach 34 is one of the most expensive hunting bows released this year. Carbon bows typically command top dollar from manufacturers. The Elite Era, another carbon bow, is priced at $1699. Add in the impressive specs of the PSE Mach 34 and the price goes higher and higher.

Think $1799 is too much for a hunting bow? I first shot the impressive PSE Mach 34 at the Seven Springs Total Archery Challenge. However, I had a hard time justifying the price tag when I was already satisfied with my current hunting bow.

That may change next year. Archers love upgrading yearly to the next best thing and I may not be able to resist a PSE Mach 34 for sale on the used market. Bows depreciate quickly and a lightly used Mach 34 at 60-70% of retail price may be hard to say no to.

PSE Mach 34 Specs

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