PSE Evolve 28 Specs And Review

The PSE Evolve 28 debuted in 2018 when short axle to axle bows were all the rage. This mid year release from PSE seemed to be the company’s response to the Mathews Triax. The 28 inch ATA length Mathews bow was stealing the spotlight, and not to be outdone, PSE got in on the action. 

Building off a proven winner, PSE shortened their Evolve 31 by three inches and kept it equipped with the smooth drawing Evolve Cam.  The result was a compact hunting bow weighing in at 4.1 pounds with a generous 7 inch brace height. Additionally, with let-off adjusted to 90% the PSE Evolve 28 was capable of an IBO speed of 335 feet per second. Find out what we think of the PSE Evolve 28 in our full review:

PSE Evolve 28 Specs

Short Review – PSE Evolve 28 in 100 Words or Less

  • 28 inch short ATA bow designed with bowhunters in mind
  • Smooth drawing PSE Evolve cam delivers expected proven performance with up to 90% let-off
  • Multiple modules to adjust let-off from 65% all the way up to 90%
  • Draw length maxes out at 31″ making it unsuitable for taller bowhunters
  • Mid-year release seemingly in response to the overwhelming praise of the 28″ ATA Mathews Triax
  • Despite it’s attractive compact package, the Evolve 28 required too much front and rear stabilizer weight for me. Because of this I didn’t see any real benefit over the PSE Evolve 31

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PSE Evolve 28 Specs

IBO Speed335 FPS @ 90% let off
Brace Height7 Inches
Axle To Axle Length28 Inches
Let OffAdjustable 65% to 90%
Draw Length24.5 – 30 Inches
Draw Weight60 – 70 Pounds
Bow Weight4.1 Pounds

PSE Evolve 28

First Impressions

Fit and Finish

The PSE Evolve 28 is available in many different finishes. You can order yours in either solid black, charcoal, tan, Kryptek Altitude, Kuiu Verde, RealTree Edge or Mossy Oak Infinity. I would never hesitate to hunt with a solid color bow. Kuiu Verde is also a very attractive pattern on compound bows, but the bow for our Evolve 28 review is finished in Mossy Oak camo. All the options are both attractive and durable.

Bright strings will clash a bit with this camo pattern. Since a good looking bow is always a necessity, when the string was ready for replacement we opted to utilize earth tones to better match the bow. A high quality bow string should be at the top of everyone’s list of aftermarket accessories to minimize peep rotation and enhance ease of tuning.


I love shooting off the riser of bows. Thin grips work the best for me, so if a bow comes with a chunky wood (I’m looking at you vintage Mathews) grip, off it goes.

The PSE Evolve 28 comes standard with a thin grip so no modifications are needed for me to get a nice repeatable handle on the bow. It felt completely natural from the very beginning. Because of this, I encountered no excessive torque that negatively impacted my arrow groupings.


PSE married their 982 limbs with the Evolve Cam System to produce the Evolve 28. Wedge-Lock limb pockets hold the limbs in place with zero tolerance for movement between the limbs and the pocket. This creates a stable platform for accurate shooting.

The wide track limb system sits atop an incredibly stiff forged aluminum riser with PSE’s new precision Flex Rod. This cable rod is adjustable and allows for additional tuning for archers wanting the most accuracy out of their bows.

Attached to the Flex Rod is PSE’s Rollerglide cable guard which enhances the smooth draw of the PSE Evolve cam. Additionally, it helps to prevent excessive wear on the cables. I like the PSE Rollerglide so much I have added it to several of my other bows over the years.

The smooth drawing Evolve cam offers adjustable let-off at full draw by selecting from different modules. The PSE Evolve 28 modules are as follows:
LL – 65 – 75%
FL – 65 – 70%
HL – 80 – 90%

PSE Evolve 28

PSE Evolve 28 Review


  • Evolve Cam System is a winner
  • 90% let-off is great for bowhunting
  • Forgiving 7″ brace height
  • Great for hunters who like a very compact bow


  • 30″ maximum draw length too short for some
  • Felt a bit chunky with added stabilization
  • Only available in right hand model
  • 60 pound limbs is the lowest offered draw weight

335 feet per second with a 7 inch brace height sounds like a sweet hunting rig that checks all the right boxes, but the PSE Evolve 28 was not for me. As much as I enjoyed shooting the Evolve 31 and using a 50 pound Evolve 35 for 3D archery, I passed on the Evolve 28.

The Evolve cam is possibly the best hunting platform built and the eccentric system of the Evolve 28 doesn’t disappoint. It just didn’t bring anything additional to the table for me that I couldn’t already find with the Evolve 31.

But if you’re looking for the an absolute compact way to hunt with the evolve cam system and all its benefits, the PSE Evolve 28 may be right for you.

Hopefully our PSE Evolve 28 Review was helpful. If you’re still using this 2018 PSE bow this hunting season, let us know what you like best about it in the comments below.

PSE Evolve Bow Specs Compared

Want to know how the PSE Evolve 28 compares to the Evolve 31 and Evolve 35? View the table below to see which PSE compound bow best fits your requirements.

Evolve 28Evolve 31Evolve 35
IBO Speed335 FPS346 FPS332 FPS
Brace Height7″6.25″6.5″
ATA Length28″31″35″
Let Off65-90%65-90%65-90%
Draw Length24.5 – 30″24.5 – 30″26 – 31.5″
Draw Weight60 – 70 lbs60 – 70 lbs50 – 70 lbs
Bow Weight4.1 lbs4.3 lbs4.6 lbs

PSE Evolve 28 Vs Mathews Triax

The comparison, for me, all comes down to the draw cycle. Because of this, the Evolve 28 beats out the Mathews Triax. I am not a lover of either of these 28 inch axle to axle bows, but the clear cut winner here is the Evolve 28. The Evolve cam gives up some speed to the Mathews Triax but you gain a silky smooth draw cycle and 90% let off. Additionally, the draw length can be adjusted on the Evolve 28 as well as the let-off with LL, HL, and FL modules. You need Mathews Triax draw mods are in order to adjust the draw length on the Triax.

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