Pse EVO XF 33 Specs And Review

New for 2022, the Evo XF 33 is a throwback nod to the PSE X Force Evo of days past. Other than the name, this mild mannered bow doesn’t have much in common with the PSE speed bows of yesteryear.

This 33″ ATA hunting bow is powered by either the smooth drawing E2 cam or the S2 Cam.

The E2 Cam covers draw lengths from 28.5-32.5 inches while the S2 cam option has a draw length range from 26 to 30 inches.

Between the two available PSE cam options, The EVO XF 33 covers a wide spectrum of draw lengths. This makes it an attractive option for long draw archers. Choices are very limited at that length as not many bows offer a 32.5 inch draw length. Typically, bow manufacturers have a specific offering for long draw lengths such as the Mathews Atlas. Not the case here – this bow will fit a lot of different body types.

PSE EVO XF 33 Specs

The cam tracks on the E2 and S2 cam are 15% wider on the Evo XF 33. This design change increases stability and consistency when shooting. PSE widened the draw stops to solidify the back wall at full draw.

Stability and consistency is the name of the game this year for PSE. Also new for this PSE bow is the Guard-lok system. The Guard-lok supports the cable rod to eliminates creep at higher draw weights and longer draw lengths. This is helpful since the Evo 33 goes to 32.5 inches and 80 pounds of draw weight but will also help those who are shooting lower draw lengths and poundages.

The PSE Evo XF 33 comes with either high let off or low let off mods. For those looking for more speed, the S2 cam with low let off mods is calling your name. I myself prefer the high let off and E2 combination but there are options for everyone.

PSE Evo XF 33

When shooting the bow, the XF Riser delivered the dead in hand experience at a lighter mass weight. The bow looks like it would be big and heavy. Looks are deceiving. The 4.5 pounds of mass weight is evenly distributed across the length of the riser. This made it feel lighter than it truly is. It was an enjoyable experience shooting the bow.

PSE finishes their hunting bow in First Lite Fusion, Charcoal, Black, Mossy Oak Country, Kuiu Verde, Tan, Optifade Elevated II and Optifade Subalpine. See the full PSE EVO XF 33 specs below.

PSE EVO XF 33 Specs

IBO Speed330 FPS
Brace Height6.25 Inches
Axle To Axle Length33 Inches
Let Off80% – 90%
Draw Length26.5 – 32 Inches
Draw Weight50 – 80 Pounds
Bow Weight4.5 Pounds

PSE Evo XF 33 Price

PSE Evo XF 33 Price

Looking for an EVO XF 33 for sale? Unfortunately, PSE has discontinued the Evo XF 33. However, it was recent enough that some shops should still have leftovers available. In fact, I saw one with a $500 price tag at a local shop recently. If I didn’t have too many bows already I’d have brought it home with me.

If you don’t have any luck finding a leftover PSE Evo XF 33 for sale, your next best option would be shopping used. Buying a used bow is my favorite way to shop and you should be able to find one at more than half off the original price.

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