PSE Drive 3B Specs And Review

The PSE Drive 3B is a smooth drawing, adjustable and hard hitting bow that is fantastic for tree stand hunting, backpacking or ground blind hunting.

You may be familiar with the name and offering as the Drive series has been around the PSE lineup for years.

For 2019, the Drive 3B replaces the now discontinued Drive X. However, it’s more than just a name change and new graphics. The 2019 3B is now powered by an improved twin cam system.

Shooters will find this to be an improvement over the hybrid cam system on older PSE Drive models. Follow along to learn more about this compact PSE hunting bow.

PSE Drive 3B Highlights

  • PSE Mid Range Price Point Bow
  • New Twin Cam System
  • Wide Draw Weight Range
  • A mix of basic features with new technology

PSE Drive 3B

PSE Drive 3B Specs

IBO Speed330 FPS
Brace Height7 Inches
Axle To Axle Length29.5 Inches
Let Off85%
Draw Length25.5 to 31 Inches
Draw Weight40 – 70 Pounds
Bow Weight3.7 Pounds

PSE Drive 3B Review

The PSE Drive 3B is available in five different finish options. You can order yours in Kryptek Camo, Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Charcoal, Black, or Tan.

The Tan is new for 2018. It’s a painted finish. It turned out very nice but the finish isn’t as smooth as the other options. From the factory, the Tan bows come with a matching set of strings that finish the bow off nicely.

PSE finishes their bows with a hydro-dipping process. Those familiar will understand this isn’t the most durable option on the market.

Over time you may notice some finish wearing through or chipping off. As annoying as this may be, I try and remind myself this is the life of a hunting bow.

 PSE Drive 3B Specs

As careful as you may be, the rigors of hunting season are tough on compound bows. A bow escaping multiple trips to the woods unscathed is a fairly lofty expectation.

The Kuiu Verde finish is extra sharp and would hide those imperfections well if that’s something you’re concerned about.


The 2019 PSE Drive 3B shares the same riser as the 2018 Drive X. It features multiple sight holes like all PSE bows for perfect peep sight alignment at full draw.

PSE’s two piece quiver has integrated mounting holes at the top and bottom for a perfect fit.

PSE Drive 3B

I’m a long-time fan of two piece quivers but lately I have been utilizing the same black Tightspot quiver on all my bows.

This simplifies my life and doesn’t require a different quiver for each bow.

Quivers are expensive these days. If I bought a dedicated quiver for each bow that would add over $100 to the purchase price of a new bow.

That gets expensive since I’m always buying and trying new bows. Thankfully, my Tightspot quiver allows me to minimize expenses.

The PSE two piece quiver is very nice though and adds an extra level of refinement to the Drive 3B.

The riser features mounting holes for a rear stabilizer if you choose to run one. I found the bow to balance well enough without one.

You will notice several midrange features that keeps this as a budget bow. The cable rod is simply a standard carbon cable rod. It is not flexible like on the high end PSE bows.

While the cable rod is fairly basic on the PSE Drive 3B, it does come with the PSE Roller Glide.

There is a give and take with mid range price point bows. They can’t contain all the bells and whistles, but for what the PSE Drive 3B lacks it makes up for in shooting experience.

Cam System

The binary twin cam system on the PSE Drive 3B is a little different from other PSE bows in the lineup.

You may be familiar with the ultra popular, top of the line Evolve Cam System. It features floating yokes coming off the top and bottom axles.

The twin cam system on the Drive 3B has no yokes. Two cables connect the top and bottom cams, slaving them together in sync.

PSE Drive 3B

It’s a very simple system that is utilized by several major bow manufacturers. When I think binary cam system Bowtech and Elite are the first that come to mind.

Now PSE is bringing a binary twin cam system to the table in a mid range price point bow.

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of their top of the line Evolve Cam bows but don’t let that deter you before trying it. The binary cam is easily tunable and very accurate.

You can still adjust the draw length on the cam like all PSE bows by moving the Allen key from slots A through L.

It doesn’t offer the adjustable let-off like the Evolve Cam bows. If you’re looking for this feature you’ll have to increase your budget.

The set 85% let off should satisfy most archers shooting the PSE Drive.

PSE Drive 3B

Final Thoughts

The PSE Drive 3B might be the bow for teen archers. At only 3.7 pounds it is light enough for smaller individuals.

And with 15 turns of the limb bolts, you can drop the poundage more than a typical bow. That said, its not a one size fits all super adjustable bow like the Bowtech Convergence.

But if you’ve been shooting awhile and haven’t stopped growing, it will grow with you. If you’re just starting out and have A LOT of growing to do, then you’ll outgrow this.

Smooth drawing, well balanced and minimal vibration following the shot. What’s not to like?

The Drive 3B doesn’t have all the latest tech from PSE as indicated by the $549 MSRP, but it has more than enough to get the job done.

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