PSE Citation 40 Specs And Review

The PSE Citation 40 EM is PSE Archery’s 2021 premier target bow. New for this year, PSE unveils the Citation 40 packed with impressive features. All designed to improve your scores, the most noteworthy is the brand new shoot through riser.

With an MSRP of $1,849 this bow is near the top of the market for target bows. Once you take it for a test drive, it becomes easy to see why serious archers have chosen the PSE Citation 40 EM to secure their spot on the podium this year.

PSE Citation 40

PSE Citation 40 Specs

IBO Speed330 FPS
Brace Height7.25 Inches
Axle To Axle Length40 Inches
Let Off75%
Draw Length28 to 33.5 Inches
Draw Weight50 – 60 Pounds
Bow Weight5.2 Pounds

PSE Citation 40 Review

Fit and Finish

The PSE Citation 40 is built for competitive target archery. As such you won’t find one finished in your favorite camo pattern.

You still have plenty of choices though. You can order your PSE Citation 40 in White, Satin Mercury, Sky Blue, Platinum Titanium, Orange, Navy Blue, Good Vibes, Black, Black Cherry, or American Flag.

Looking for the flashiest bow on the competition circuit? You’ve got a total of ten different options here. Just think of the possibilities.


  • Dual stainless steel 5/16″ x 24 thread stabilizer bushings
  • Evolve Cams with fixed let-off
  • PSE Roller Glide with pivoting cable rod
  • Deflex Riser
  • 1/4″ axles for a wide track limb stance
  • All new limb pockets
PSE Citation 40
The PSE Citation 40 EM sports the smooth shooting Evolve Cam system with a fixed 75% let off.


The shoot through riser on the Citation 40 EM really makes the bow super stiff and extra rigid. No PSE target bow featured a shoot through riser last year. If you were missing a shoot through riser in the PSE lineup, here is your chance to pair one up with the Evolve Cam System.

The 50 or 60 pound limbs depart from the newly designed reflex riser at a nearly vertical angle. The all new limb pockets contribute to this steep limb angle. Through them runs a 1/4 inch axle, allowing the limbs to have a wider stance.

Wide limbs have become commonplace in archery in recent years. The thought being wider is more stable. More stable leads to better accuracy.

The total package weighs in at 5.2 pounds bare bow. Hunters may be taken aback but target archers are ready to load it up with even more weight. Long stabilizers round out the total package and lead to supreme down range accuracy.

Upon releasing an arrow, there is no feedback on the shot. The reflex shoot through riser feels dead in the hand. Exactly what you’d expect from PSE’s top of the line target bow for 2021. It lived up to my expectations 100%.

Final Thoughts

The PSE Citation 40 is a direct competitor to the 2021 Hoyt Invicta SVX, another impressive target bow. On paper there are some similarities between these two bows and you may want to shoot both before buying one. Ultimately, a decision like that will come down to feel.

If you choose the PSE Citation 40, it is available in two versions – the EM and SE. For $1,849 target archers have the choice of deciding which is better suited for them.

The EM will be faster and more aggressive while the SE will give shooters a bit smoother draw. Two completely different animals wrapped in the same package.

That’s something that PSE has done well in recent years with multiple cam options to customize the feel of your bow to suit you.

It’s up to you to decide which will result in better scores. I chose the EM cam for my shooting style. If you aren’t shooting with a back tension release, the EM cam may not be the choice for you.

A thumb button release or wrist strap shooter will probably gravitate to the feel of the SE cam with its adjustable let off of 65 to 75%.

Either way, we feel the PSE Citation 40 is one of the top target bows for 2021 and think you’ll feel the same way. Now that the bow has been discontinued, there are still many available online marked down over 20% off MSRP. Find a nearby dealer and step up to the line to shoot yours now.

PSE Citation 40 String Specs

Whether you go with the EM or SE, the Evolve Cam System is a quad track cam system. This is a five piece string set unlike an older PSE hybrid cam bow. To refresh your bow you will need to order a bowstring, two control cables and two small yokes in these lengths:

EM Cam

String: 62 7/16 inches
Control Cables: 36 7/8 inches

Yokes: 15.75 inches

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