Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight Review

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Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight Review

If your style of bowhunting calls for a seven pin sight, the Ascent Verdict Assault by Montana Black Gold should be high on your list. Learn more about this bow sight in our review and see if it will keep you on target for your next hunt.

Montana Black Gold Bow Sights

Montana Black Gold bow sights are manufactured in – you guessed it – Montana. MBG bow sights are 100% American made. The company boasts that the machining, manufacturing, assembly, packaging and shipping all take place in Belgrade, Montana.

And on top of that, they carry and excellent warranty. Montana Black Gold promotes an unconditional warranty for the original owner. If any part of the bow sight breaks, it will be repaired or replaced – regardless of the cause of failure.

That’s an impressive claim. As hunters, we know the kind of accidental abuse our bows can be subjected to during archery season.

It’s comforting to know the company is standing behind their product, 100%.

Montana Black Gold will custom build a bow sight to your specifications. That’s exactly what we have here today with the Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Assault Sight.

Ascent Verdict Assault Specs

The Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict in our review today is built with the standard MBG X base. Like all high end bow sights today, the Ascent Verdict has an adjustable third axis for extreme accuracy at steep angles.

While not every situation calls for a third axis bow sight, it’s a nice feature to have once you understand how to properly set it up.

You can also have your custom built MBG bow sight made with a dovetail base or wing truss. These options are available in 4 and 6 inch lengths.

Over the past few years I have tried sights with all three options, and have come back to the standard X base. The dovetail and wing truss do offer some advantages but not enough for me as a bowhunter to notice.

The MBG Ascent Verdict Assault is available in a few different sight configurations but ours comes with seven pins. The top three pins are 0.19 and the bottom four are 0.10 fiber optics.

You might be wondering why our bottom pins are smaller than our top pins on this Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Assault. It may seem like we made a mistake on our custom bow sight build. However, once you hold a 0.19 pin on the target at 50+ yards you’ll quickly see why.

A 0.19 fiber optic pin fully covers what you are aiming for, making your long range accuracy with the bow suffer. If you instead utilize a 0.10 pin you will be able to see more of the target and hit your X more often.

Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight Review
7 pins for long range bowhunting

Uses for the Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Assault

Multipin bow sights have been commonplace in bowhunting for a very long time. As bow technology has advanced, however, so has the effective hunting range. In some situations, particularly out west, being accurate at distances beyond 50 yards is common. Sometimes even necessary.

For some hunters, long range bow hunting requires a single pin slider. However, many still prefer the tried and true multipin sight. It’s worked for a long time so why change it.

The familiarity of a multi pin bow sight leads to confidence. And confidence kills. If that sounds like you, let Montana Black Gold custom build you a seven pin sight and let the arrows fly. Have a pin every ten yards from 20 to 80 and if you need anything beyond that the Dial of Death is ready.

Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight Review

If you are never shooting beyond 40 to 50 yards the Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Assault may still be the bow sight you are looking for. I would, however, custom build it differently. Four to five pins should suffice for that setup, depending on your preference when looking through your peep sight.

As an eastern whitetail treestand hunter, it’s unlikely I will have an opportunity to take a 70 yard shot when deer hunting. However, if you occasionally go out west to hunt big game and want to stick with your tried and true multipin sight picture, consider a bowsight with 7 pins. It will allow you to increase your range without making major changes to your hunting bow setup.

It was too many pins for my liking but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. I never even felt the need to install the sight tape to dial past 70 yards.

Final Thoughts

I tried multipin sights for years with less than stellar results. After trying many different bowsights, I settled on shooting a single pin sight for bowhunting. However, just because they don’t work for me doesn’t mean it isn’t a good choice for you.

And if multipin sights are your thing you have lots of options, many of which are made by Montana Black Gold. When it is time to equip your next hunting bow, try out the Ascent Verdict Assault if you need to shoot long range with multiple pins on your bowsight.

To learn more about custom building your Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Assault, visit the MBG website to get started.

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