Mathews VXR 28 Specs And Review

The Mathews VXR 28 debuted in 2020 as the flagship bow for Mathews Archery. Also offered in a 31.5 inch axle to axle length, both of these bows utilized the Crosscentric 2 cam paired with Mathews Switchweight modules.

Switchweight modules allow you to change peak draw weights, draw length and let off . This can all be done without the use of a complicated bow press. The VXR 28 draw length ranges from 25.5 to 30 inches.

Shooters have the ability to go from 50 pound draw weight to a 75 pound draw weight without changing limbs on the bow. If you want to increase the draw weight for hunting season, all that you need is another set of mods. This revolutionary technology has made fine tuning a bow to fit you perfectly easier than ever.

Mathews VXR 28

Additional features on the VXR 28 include an integrated dovetail mount for the QAD Ultrarest and the brand new Silent Connect System.

.Despite it’s 344 Feet Per Second IBO rating the VXR 28 is dead in the hand after the shot. There is so little sound and vibration upon releasing an arrow. Unquestionably, Mathews Archery has engineered another fine hunting bow. The Mathews VXR 28 is sure to be an integral part of successful hunting trips around the world.

Equipped with the Engage Grip, the VXR 28 was available in Stone, Black, Sitka Elevated II, Sitka Sub-Alpine, Under Armour Forest, Under Armour Barren. The new hot color for 2020 was Mathews Ambush Green. The VXR 28 was the first bow available in that color.

While the Engage Grip is disliked by many archers, the Ambush Green finish was a resounding win for Mathews in 2020. See the full VXR 28 specs for this 2020 Mathews hunting bow below.

Mathews VXR 28 Specs

IBO Speed344 FPS
Brace Height6 Inches
Axle To Axle Length28 Inches
Let Off80% or 85%
Draw Length25.5 – 30 Inches
Draw Weight50 to 75 Pounds
Bow Weight4.44 Pounds

VXR 28

Mathews discontinued the VXR 28 in 2022. However, parts are readily available and can be ordered through your nearest Mathews Archery dealer. Unlike other companies, Mathews Archery keeps parts on hand for every compound bow they have ever produced. This makes it simple to maintain your bows even if something happens to go wrong.

Additionally, since the VXR, Switchweight Modules have been used on several other compound bows. Because of this, you can find an abundance of used Switchweight Modules for sale online. If you prefer buying new, just visit the Mathews Archery website to find a dealer near you.

VXR 28 vs 31.5

VXR 28 vs 31.5
VXR 28 vs 31.5

On paper these two bows have similar specs. Here are some additional things to consider when trying to decide between the VXR 28 vs VXR 31.5.

The main deciding factor for me when choosing between two similar bows with different axle to axle lengths is string angle. If you have a shorter draw length than 28 inches the VXR 28 may be the best choice for you.

The draw cycle on the VXR 28 is by no means harsh, but because of the longer riser length, the VXR 31.5 should have a smoother draw.

If overall weight is your biggest concern, the Mathews VXR 28 is the lighter of the two bows and may be a better choice for you than the 31.5.

IBO speed compared between the two wouldn’t be a factor in this decision as they are only separated by 1 foot per second. Hard to imagine someone being able to tell the difference in arrow speed.

Bow choice is such a personal decision. The easiest way to decide is to shoot them both side by side. Whether you go with the VXR 28 over 31.5, you’ll know relatively quickly which bow is the best choice for you.

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