Mathews Halon 5 Mod Chart

Need to order a new set of Mathews Halon 5 draw mods? Use our helpful Mathews Halon 5 mod chart below to identify the set of mods that match your draw length.

The Mathews Halon was the flagship bow for Mathews Archery in 2016. Powered by the Crosscentric Cam, The Halon 5 was the fastest of the bunch with it’s short 5 inch brace height. This gave it an IBO speed rating of 353 feet per second. Archers can expect this to be the least forgiving of the three Halon models.

The Halon 5 draw length ranges from 24″ to 29.5″ and draw weight ranges from 30 to 70 pounds. This means the bow can fit many different archers.

The Mathews Halon 5 was discontinued in 2020. So if you purchase a used Mathews Halon 5, you may need to change the draw mods to fit your draw length.

85% let off mods for the Halon 5 are black and the 75% let off mods are silver. This makes them easy to differentiate between the two options.

Despite the similar name, the Mathews Halon uses different mods than the later Halon 32.

Mathews Halon 5 Mod Chart

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Mathews Halon 5 Mod Chart

Mod LetterHalon 5 Draw Length75% Let Off85% Let Off

Draw Mods for the Mathews Halon 5 are available at your nearest Mathews Archery dealer. Just give them the part number from our Mathews Halon 5 mod chart above. Unlike other companies, Mathews Archery keeps parts readily available for every compound bow they have ever produced. This makes it simple to maintain your bows even if something happens to go wrong. Visit the Mathews Archery website to find a dealer near you.

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