Levi Morgan Moves To Altra Arrows

Levi Morgan, considered by many to be the greatest archer in 3D history is now shooting Altra Arrows. Levi Morgan has claimed 13 Shooter of the Year Awards, 13 World Titles and over 60 National Titles. He holds quite the resume as a professional archer.

In 2022 Levi finished fourth at the IBO Archery First Leg of the Triple Crown held at Pipestem State Park in West Virginia. There, Levi was shooting Gold Tip arrows from his Mathews bow. This year, however, you will see a change.

Altra Arrows, owned by The Outdoor Group has announced that Levi Morgan has signed with them for 2024.

This is an interesting move for Levi, as The Outdoor Group also owns Elite Bows. Levi has previously shot for Elite before returning to Mathews Archery.

Levi signed a 10 year contract with Mathews in 2017. This leads one to wonder what might happen if the partnership with Altra goes well over the next three years. Will Levi stay with Mathews in 2027 or will we see a newly redesigned Elite Enery 35 in Levi’s hands in the future?

Speculation on future gear releases is always fun. The Energy 35 is one of my all time favorite bows from Elite. In fact, when I think of Elite Archery the E35 is the bow that comes to mind. A revamped Elite E35 sporting some of the newer technology would certainly spark my interest.

SET technology, newer slim grip and 1/4 inch draw length adjustments all on the solid limb platform of the Energy 35? Count me in. But who knows what the future will hold. All I know is it will be interesting to watch it all play out as each bow manufacture continually tries to outdo the others.

All About Altra Arrows

Altra Arrows are a premium arrow built with high grade carbon fiber. Through a strict manufacturing process, Altra can deliver a product that is easily tunable and very consistent. Their NO Spine Technology reduces the spine of the arrow and increases its accuracy.

Altra Arrows have a variety of offerings to suit any arrow build from target archery to hunting. A dozen target shafts starts at $149.99 MSRP not including arrow components.

For bowhunting, Altra has two offerings – a thinner .166 inner diameter and a standard .246 inner diameter carbon shaft. Both are available in 6 or 12 packs.

To learn more about the Altra Arrows Levi Morgan is shooting visit their official website.

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