Great American Outdoor Show Harrisburg PA 2024

The month of February means the Great American Outdoor Show is coming to Harrisburg, PA. The show runs from February 3 – 11, 2024 and takes place inside the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.

Thousands of people visit the show every year, and for good reason. This outdoor show is a great way to meet outfitters in person prior to booking a big hunt.

Great American Outdoor Show Harrisburg PA 2024

Spend some time talking with your prospective outfitter to get a feel if their organization will help you meet your objectives.

Looking into upgrading some hunting gear? Been reading about different products online? The Great American Outdoor Show is a great way to get your hands on products in person.

Top manufacturers from around the world will be there with their merchandise for you to examine. What better way to know if something is worth your hard earned money than being able to inspect it in person prior to purchasing.

Vendors Worth Visiting at the Great American Outdoor Show

There are 985 registered exhbitors at the Great American Outdoors Show. We only planned to go for the opening weekend so getting around to all of them sounded impossible. With the crowds, you just don’t have that much time in only two days.

We checked out the complete vendor list on the official site and made a short list. The list included the companies we absolutely didn’t want to miss. Everyone’s will be different but here is ours.

Great American Outdoor Show Harrisburg PA 2024

Lancaster Archery

An obvious choice given our primary interest. Lancaster Archery is not far from Harrisburg, PA so of course they will have a big presence at the show. Their booth is huge and we spent a fair amount of time there talking to both workers and other people there at the show.

Lancaster had a show special on the new Mathews Lift and we even ended up bringing home a recurve bow from the show.

Trophyline Hyperlite Sticks

Trophyline Outdoors

Trophyline is one of the oldest companies in the saddle hunting game. A true originator in the space, but they continue to bring new innovations to the field.

New for this year was the Hyperlite Stick. Weighing in at 4.5 pounds for a set of 4 I was most interested in getting to see them in person.

The sticks did not disappoint and I plan on picking up a set of four Trophyline Hyperlite Sticks when they become available in the summer. But first to sell my current climbing sticks.

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Crossover Climber

Lone Wolf Custom Gear

Lone Wolf Custom Gear released their new climbing treestand shortly before the 2023 hunting season began. I was tempted but did not order one. It was too close for comfort for me to place an order with the delays many manufacturers have faced over the past few years.

The Great American Outdoor Show gave me a chance to check it out in person. The Lone Wolf Custom Gear Crossover Climber weighs 11.5 pounds and is made in the United States. It’s available online for $999 but if you wanted to buy one at the show you could save $100.

The Crossover Climber functions very similarly to my original Lone Wolf Assault Hand Climber. The majority of the differences are just minor tweaks to upgrade the decades old design. The result of all these minor changes, however, is a major advancement.

The details add up, and the Crossover is one slick climbing treestand. I was definitely and the temptation was strong but for 2024 I will continue climbing with sticks. They better fit my style of hunting at the moment. If the Hyperlite 4 pack was available I would have brought those home with me.

Guest Speakers

If you’re willing to face the crowds, former President of the United States Donald Trump will be speaking on Friday February 2nd. Along with other NRA second amendment supporters, Donald Trump goes on at 5:00 PM. Doors open at 3 and the line begins to form at 12:30. That’s too much excitement for me but I expect he will draw quite the crowd.

Great American Outdoor Show

What brought you to the show? What vendors did you spend the most time visiting? Did you book the hunt of a lifetime while you were there?

Let us know so we can add it to our list of do not miss for next year’s Great American Outdoor Show.

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