Elite Terrain Bow Specs And Review

Rated the “Best Value Bow of 2023,” the Elite Terrain bow offers an IBO Speed rating of 325 feet per second with the rock-solid back wall Elite Archery is known for. The Elite Terrain has a generous 7″ brace height and utilizes a hybrid cam system resulting in a smooth and comfortable draw cycle.

Elite Archery designed the terrain with the bowhunter in mind. It features a Riser Cage™ aluminum riser with the slender Precision Grip, enabling bowhunters to stay on target when it matters most.

Weighing in 3.9 pounds, the Elite Terrain is available in solid colors only. Archers have their choice of Ninja Black, Mountain Tan, OD Green and Sienna Brown.

While some people may dislike the lack of camo options, I myself have gravitated towards solid color bows in recent years. I ordered my Elite Era in Mountain Tan, despite multiple camo finishes available. And remember, Elite bows always come with solid black limbs. The black limbs pair better with solid risers than camo finish risers.

This lightweight, compact bow offers a lot at a midrange price point. Check out the Elite Terrain Specs below to see if you’ll be using it to punch your tag this season.

Elite Terrain Bow

Elite Terrain Specs

IBO Speed325 Feet Per Second
Brace Height7 Inches
Axle To Axle Length32.5 Inches
Let Off85%
Draw Length25.5 – 31.5 Inches
Draw Weight45 – 70 Pounds
Bow Weight3.9 Pounds

Elite Terrain Bow

Elite Terrain Bow For Sale

Thinking about pulling the trigger? The Elite Terrain bow price may help make your decision easier.

New for 2022, the Elite Terrain bow has an MSRP of $749. There’s a reason this bow was voted Best Value Bow of 2023. You don’t give up very many features compared to the $1049 MSRP Elite Remedy and save $300.

However, keep a close eye on online retailers. As new models debut prices may be reduced even further in favor of the next best thing. You’ll be left with even more bow for your money.

Another easy way to save money on a “new” bow is buying used. Despite its recent release, archers are always buying and selling. Even a 2022 bow will pop up for sale on the used bow market, available at a significant discount and most likely in nearly new condition.

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