Elite Remedy Specs And Review

The Elite Remedy is a 2021 offering from Elite Archery that can easily serve as a dual purpose hunting and target bow. For bowhunters wishing to dabble in target archery, the 34 inch axle to axle bow makes an incredibly stable platform.

Combined with the solid back wall Elite is known for, the Remedy sports a 331 feet per second IBO rating.

The Remedy has an adjustable draw length ranging from 24 to 31 inches in 1/4 inch increments. Bow manufacturers more commonly adjust draw length by 1/2 inch increments. However, Elite bows can be fine tuned even further, getting your draw length exactly where you need it. No twisting strings or cables to add or subtract a tiny bit of length in between settings. This is just one of the many things that sets Elite bows apart from the rest.

The Asym Tri Track Cam, found on several Elite bows, now uses beefed up 1/4 inch axles. Also upgraded this year were the axle bearings to smooth the draw cycle curve even further than before.

With Elite’s Linear Tunable Roller guide and new SET Technology, the Elite Remedy will be as accurate as you can make it.

Elite Remedy


The Elite Remedy is offered in a number of different finishes. Standard options include Graphite Grey, Ninja Black, Kuiu Verde 2.0, Realtree Edge or Realtree Escape.

For an additional charge, your riser can be finished in OD Brown, OD green, Cobalt Blue, Copper Flame, Purple Rain, Sour Apple, Laguna Teal, & Silver Alloy.

Some of these color choices are better suited for target bows than a hunting bow. However, since the Elite Remedy is a smooth shooting 34 inch ATA bow it can easily serve as a crossover into 3D archery. You may see one finished in Copper Flame on a 3D course near you.

Elite Remedy Specs

IBO Speed331 FPS
Brace Height6.375 Inches
Axle To Axle Length34 Inches
Let Off70% – 90%
Draw Length24 – 31 Inches
Draw Weight40 – 70 Pounds
Bow Weight4.6 Pounds

Elite Remedy Bow

Elite SET Technology

The Elite SET Technology allows archers to fine tune cam positioning without the help of a bow press. Simply turn the allen key left or right to move the bow cams laterally.

Previously, you needed to press the bow and remove the cams to access the shims. With SET Technology, bare shaft tuning your compound bow for perfect arrow flight has never been easier.

This is my absolute favorite feature on bows today. SET stands for Simplified Exact Tuning. And that’s exactly what it is.

When setting up my Elite Era, a few shots through paper and the process was complete. I was able to achieve the level of precision I desired without an overly complicated process to get there.

Elite Remedy

Elite Remedy vs Enkore

If you are looking for an Elite Remedy bow for sale, chances are you may also be considering the Enkore. The Enkore is another solid 2021 offering from Elite Archery.

Both bows utilize the same cam system, the ASYM tri Track cam system. Both bows have similar axle to axle lengths, 34″ for the Remedy and 33″ for the Enkore. Additionally, the Remedy and the Enkore are both priced at $1049 MSRP. As you can see, they are pretty close. What makes someone choose one over the other?

The Elite Remedy comes standard with smooth mods whereas the Elite Enkore comes with performance mods. That means it’s likely you’ll find the draw cycle more comfortable on the Remedy.

However, it also means the Elite Enkore is going to be about 9 feet per second faster than the Remedy.

If you wish to pick up more speed, you can order the performance mods and install them on the Elite Remedy to pick up a few more fps. You may be surprised to find that installing performance mods didn’t make the draw cycle as harsh as you’d expect. I know I was.

Typically you have to give something to get something. In this case I felt that there was no downside to the performance mods on the Elite Remedy.

The difference between these two bows really comes down to feel. On paper there’s little difference. These minor differences will only be detectable when shooting them side by side. In this test, to me, the clear winner was the Remedy. I was willing to give up some speed for the intangible positives I felt at full draw.

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