Elite Energy 35 Mod Chart

Need to order a new set of Elite Energy 35 draw mods? Use our helpful Elite Energy 35 mod chart below to identify the set of mods that match your draw length.

The Elite Energy 35 debuted in 2014 as a crossover target and hunting bow. The Energy 35 combines a smooth draw with its forgiving 7 inch brace height to wow shooters and draw them to the Elite Brand..

A tad heavy at 4.5 pounds bare bow, it holds on target like a rock both on the 3D archery course or in a treestand. This binary powered compound bow utilizes the Energy Twin Track Cam System with EN mods.

Elite Energy 35 Mod Chart

Elite Energy 35 Mod Chart

The EN cam offers draw length options from 27 to 31 inches. If you are less than 27 inches you need to find an Energy 35 with the ENS cam. It’s a different cam with a different set of mods.

The Elite Energy 35 was available for five years but discontinued for 2019. So if you purchase a used Elite Energy 35 you may need to change the draw mods to fit your draw length.

The chart shows which draw mod you need to order for your Elite Energy 35 . Draw lengths range from 27 inches to 231 inches, and draw weights are available from 40 pounds to 70 pounds.

Unlike newer Elite bows, Changing the mods on an older Elite Archery bow requires the use of a bow press. However, Elite bows made prior to 2016 carry a transferrable lifetime warranty. This means that your bow has a lifetime warranty even if you did not originally purchase it.

That tradeoff may be worth the extra work of swapping draw mods and retiming the cams. To pick up a set of draw mods to fit your bow, visit the Elite Archery website to find a dealer near you.

Elite Energy 35 Mod Chart
Elite Energy 35 Draw Mods. Marked “T” for top and “B” for bottom so there is no confusion when you are installing them on the bow in the press.

Don’t forget to replace your draw stops after swapping draw mods on your Elite Energy 35. Pulling back your bow without draw stops will lock it up at full draw.

I’ve done it once and it was quite an experience.

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