Bowtech Solution Specs and Review

The Bowtech Solution debuted in 2021 as a 32 inch axle to axle bow launching arrows at a blazing fast 346 feet per second.

This binary cam bow can be shot on either performance or comfort, giving archers the ability to fine tune the bow for themselves. There were several Bowtech Solution variants released in 2021. Read our review below to learn more about the original Bowtech Solution and see if it’s the bow for you.

Bowtech Solution

Bowtech Solution Specs

IBO Speed346 FPS
Brace Height6 Inches
Axle To Axle Length32 Inches
Let Off75%
Draw Length25 – 30 Inches
Draw Weight40 – 70 Pounds
Bow Weight4.3 Pounds

Bowtech Solution Specs

Bowtech Solution Review

Fit and Finish

The Bowtech Solution is available in nine different finish options. You can order yours in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Smoke Grey, OD Green, Mossy Oak Breakup Country, Realtree Edge, Kryptek Altitude, Kuiu Verde, or Sitka Optifade Subalpine.

The solid colors offered by Bowtech really make the bow look sharp. Lately, I have been gravitating away from camo patterns and going with solid colors when bow shopping. I highly doubt a deer is going to pick out my bow in a treestand if it isn’t camo.

That being said, bows finished in Kuiu Verde always look good. And for hunters wanting a more traditional camo pattern, they have two to choose from – Mossy Oak Breakup Country and Realtree Edge.


Bowtech has continued to use the Clutch Performance Grip on the Bowtech Solution. It’s been around for a few years now and has been a favorite of archers regardless of brand loyalty. If you’ve never shot a Bowtech with the Clutch Grip, it is comparable to other bows with a flat back grip.

Many companies have slimmed down their grips over the years. To take it a step further, the Clutch Grip was designed to be customized based on each shooters preference. Archers can modify the shape, remove it to shoot off the bare riser or change the color. If you need a little more grip, simply wrap it in tennis racket tape like we did to the handle of our bow seen here.

The Clutch Control Grip is also an option for the Bowtech Solution but if you want one you’ll have to purchase it separately. It’s a quick and easy install though and it’s available in four colors.

Similar to the Clutch Performance Grip, the Control Grip  offers an additional 1/4” raised heel.  Pick the one that best matches the accessories and theme of your bow and see if you like it over the Perfomance model.


Bowtech utilized both new and existing technology for their 2021 offering.

  • Deadlock Cams
  • Deadlock Pockets
  • Deadlock Cable Containment
  • Clutch Performance Grips
  • Rotating Mods
  • Powershift Technology
  • Orbit Dampeners
Bowtech Solution

Shot Cycle

Archers can choose between the performance or comfort settings when shooting their Bowtech Solution. Thanks to the build in Powershift Technology you can prioritize the feel of the bow for you.

When shot at 70 pounds in comfort mode, the bow felt exactly like that – comfortable. Typically a 60 pound shooter, 70 pounds on the Bowtech Solution didn’t seem like a big step up.

Moving the Powershift Technology in performance came with a significant change for me. Backing the limb bolts out a turn and dropping the draw weight to 66 pounds, the draw still felt much more stiff than I wanted. The weight stacks hard right before you drop into the valley.

At full draw, I felt like there was more valley than in comfort mode. Holding at full draw was not a problem at all, it felt the same as comfort mod. Getting there was challenging, but we are talking about a 346 feet per second bow here. Comparatively, for a speed bow, I expected it to be much harsher.

At 29″ and below the bow is great to shoot. Subjectively, the draw becomes harsher if you are pulling farther than a 29 inch draw. This was consistent across all three Solution variations. Something to consider if you are a long draw archer. It may not be exactly what you’d expect after you nock an arrow.

Bowtech Solution Specs

Speed and Efficiency

The IBO rating the Bowtech Solution is 346 feet per second. Our bow was set at 70 pounds draw weight with a 28 inch draw length. This puts it two inches short of IBO testing standards but offers a real life comparison. Installed on the string were a peep sight and D Loop. We shot multiple arrow weights through the chronograph. The results are as follows:

  • 352 grain arrow — 324 feet per second
  • 455 grain arrow — 283 feet per second

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Bowtech Solution is a solid compound bow. It produces great speed, is very accurate, and is easier on the shoulders than other speed bows. Because of this, you could easily use it for multiple scenarios.

You can bowhunt with it, shoot 3d, and shoot indoor or field target archery with this bow. While it may not fit the typical specs for a target bow, it is accurate enough to perform well.

Remember, what some love, others will hate. That said, there’s a lot to love about the Bowtech Solution draw cycle. I chose comfort over performance as the slight tradeoff for more speed wasn’t worth the significant hump near the end of the draw cycle.

Others may disagree with me and want to squeeze every foot per second out of their arrows. And that’s ok because both ways will work just fine. If your draw length is over 29 inches you may not enjoy the bow as much as I did. Something to consider if you have longer than average arms.

Now that it’s a few years old, the Bowtech Solution price is dropping. You can find them relatively cheap online. I’ve seen them priced at or around $500. With an original MSRP of $1199 I’d call that a steal of a deal for this smooth drawing speed bow from Bowtech.

Bowtech Solution String Specs

The Bowtech Solution is a binary cam bow powered by the Deadlock Cam System. To replace the string and cables on your bow you will need to order in these lengths:

String: 61 inches
Cables: 37.41 inches

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