Bowtech Realm Specs

The Bowtech Realm offers bowhunters big speed with a big brace height. Clocking in at 340 feet per second it offers the forgiveness of a 7.125 inch brace height. Typically, a 6 inch brace height is needed to achieve speeds of 340 feet per second. With specs like these, it’s hard to imagine not liking the Bowtech Realm.

Powered by the Overdrive Binary Cam system, it is both fast and forgiving.

Combined with the all new widened riser and limb pockets, shooters will be sure to notice a reduction in torque. That’s right, the bow features both newly redesigned limb pockets and riser geometry.

Bowtech Realm Specs

Torque reduction isn’t all archers can expect of Bowtech. The engineers at Bowtech have added weighted dampeners to reduce noise and vibration at the shot. Known as Orbit Dampeners, the Bowtech Realm comes with one at the bottom of the bow.

Closer inspection reveals a threaded hole in the middle of the riser. If needed, archers can purchase an additional Orbit Dampener to install to reduce vibration even further.

Worried about Bowtech limb problems? The Bowtech Realm limbs are solid core limbs. Older Bowtech limbs were laminated – the cause for the flaking finish. The all new solid core limbs should alleviate all concerns of Bowtech limb longevity.

Bowtech Realm Specs

Additionally, the all new Clutch Performance Grip is sure to be a favorite of archers regardless of brand loyalty. The grip is somewhat comparable to other bows with a flat back grip already on the market.

However, the Clutch Grip can be customized based on a shooters preference. You can modify the shape, remove it to shoot off the bare riser, or change the color to match other bow accessories. It is a major improvement over the previous Bowtech grip which many had trouble adjusting to. I myself never thought it felt right in my hand.

The Bowtech Realm comes finished in Kryptek Altitude, Mossy Oak Breakup Country, and Sitka Optifade Subalpine. If camo patterns aren’t your cup of tea, this compound bow is also available in Flat Dark Earth and Black.

Bowtech Realm Specs

Bowtech Realm Specs

IBO Speed340 FPS
Brace Height7.125 Inches
Axle To Axle Length30.75 Inches
Let Off80% – 86%
Draw Length25 – 31 Inches
Draw Weight40 – 70 Pounds
Bow Weight4.3 Pounds

Bowtech Realm Bow String

While the Bowtech Realm may not be your first choice for 3D archery based on its specs, but as a hunting bow it’s sure to fill some tags. At home in a ground blind or a tree stand, this 30.75 ATA bow is worth your careful consideration.

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