Bear Anarchy HC Bow Specs And Review

Bear Archery had both bowhunters and target archers in mind when designing this hybrid cam bow. Not to be confused with the solocam Bear Anarchy bearing (get it?) the same name, Bear Anarchy HC utilizes the Hybrid A Cam and was released in 2014.

The Bear Anarchy HC sports a 35.5″ axle to axle length which makes it longer than your typical hunting bow. However, it holds on target like a competition bow and is truly a dual purpose crossover bow for both bowhunting and target archery.

With a 7.25 inch brace height boasting 330 feet per second IBO speed it’s a solid platform for beginners and experience shooters alike.

Since it’s a few years old, I found one for just under $300. Did I end up with buyers remorse? Will you experience problems if you buy one? Read on to find out the Bear Anarchy HC stacks up in our full review below.

Short Review – Bear Anarchy in 100 Words or Less

  • Feels like a feather. The 3.8 pound mass weight of the bow spread out over the long axle to axle length makes this compound bow feel even lighter than it is.
  • Dual offset string suppressors give it the distinct Bear Archery appearance from their bows of this era.
  • Crossover dual purpose compound bow. Forgiving brace height with long ATA holds like a target bow but designed for hunting applications.
  • One of the few Bear Archery bows available in target colors (Bright Green and Red)
  • Only good for shooters with 29″ draw length or longer – SEE BELOW.

Bear Anarchy Specs

IBO Speed330 FPS
Brace Height7.25 Inches
Axle To Axle Length35.5 Inches
Let Off75%
Draw Length26.5″ – 31.5″
Draw Weight50 – 70 Pounds
Bow Weight4.1 Pounds

Bear Anarchy HC

Bear Anarchy HC Review

I found this bow to be incredibly accurate and easy to shoot. The bow holds on target well and once an arrow was released, I was pleasantly surprised to experience minimal hand shock. The dual offset string suppressors work quite well to reduce the overall noise of the bow. A pair of black LimbSaver Superquads quieted the bow down even more.

It’s solid. Extremely light, but solid. I’d feel comfortable using it for hunting, 3D archery, or even shooting spots in a tournament setting. The draw cycle is smooth and the Hybrid A cam produces respectable speeds. The slender grip is well designed and the draw cycle is very smooth.

The Anarchy HC in multiple finishes. Bear Archery, confident that this 35.5 inch ATA hunting bow could be used as a target bow crossover, offered it in both bright green and red. These flashy colors aren’t something you will typically find on hunting bows. Additionally, it came in the traditional black shadow and camo patterns for hunting.

Bear Anarchy Bow
Up close details of the Realtree AP camo finish on this Bear Anarchy.

Bear Anarchy HC Problems

As I mentioned earlier, the Bear Anarchy HC has one significant problem. The Hybrid A cam design is flawed for archers with short draw lengths. If your draw length is shorter than 29 inches your buss cable will contact the bottom axle before hitting your draw stop.

Normally the draw stop hits your buss cable and prevents this contact from occurring. What this means is you will experience premature wear on your cable and have to replace your strings more frequently. A new set of strings is typically $100 or more, which is roughly 1/3 the price of the bow.

Additionally, your axle is acting as your draw stop. This results in a mushy feeling back wall instead of the solid back wall at full draw that archers like. It can lead to tuning problems and less than perfect arrow flight. Lots of reasons to avoid the Bear Anarchy HC if you shoot 28.5 inches or less.

Final Thoughts

If your draw length is longer than 29 inches, the cable does not contact the axle and you will have no problems with the Bear Anarchy HC. Your draw stop will prevent the contact and your strings will last as long as they normally should.

You will be able to easily tune the bow and achieve perfect arrow flight. Just set your top cam to hit slightly before the bottom cam. The back wall will be rock solid. All will be right in the world.

However, you need to look elsewhere if you’re shooting 28.5″ inches and below. You will have repeated problems with this bow because of the cam, draw stop, axle orientation issues.

Remember, there are lots of great bows to choose from. If you find a Bear Anarchy for sale and your draw length is 29″ or greater, you should consider it. It’s smooth, accurate and enjoyable to shoot. Despite it being a decade old, it has many of the same technological updates that current bows have been built from and won’t disappoint.

Bear Anarchy

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