Athens Archery Closing

Athens Bow Reviews

Athens Archery is closing. Find out why the company has to shut its doors despite making some of the best shooting hunting bows we’ve tested

ASA Archery Schedule 2024

ASA Archery 2024 Schedule

ASA Archery 2024 Schedule – Find out where the Archery Archery Shooters Association 3D archery events are to be held in 2024

PSE Drive 3B Specs And Review

PSE Drive 3B

PSE Drive 3B Specs and Review. An in depth look at this binary cam compound bow from PSE. Learn more about the ATA length, draw weight and..

Bowtech Convergence Specs And Review

Bowtech Convergence

The Bowtech Convergence is a 31 inch ATA compound bow featuring 10 inches of draw length and 62 pounds of draw weight adjustability.

Elite Energy 35 Specs And Review

The Elite Energy 35 was the ultimate crossover 3D and hunting bow in 2014. Ten years later how is the Elite Energy holding up against current

PSE Citation 40 Specs And Review

PSE Citation 40

The Citation 40 is a 2021 target bow from PSE. Full specs and review of the PSE Citation 40 EM – a smooth shooting evolve cam target bow.

Prime Centergy Specs And Review

Prime Centergy

The 2017 Prime Centergy unleashes some unique technical advances to further accuracy in archery. Utilizing four cams in parallel, shooters can forget about horizontal nock travel. Combined with the Prime Ghost Grip located in the center of the 82X aluminum riser, archers will appreciate the stability of the Prime Centergy at full draw. With an …

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Mathews Lift Mod Chart

Mathews Lift Mod Chart

The complete Mathews Lift Mod Chart. Find out which mod fits your draw length before ordering a set of Switchweight X mods for your new Lift