Athens Testament Bow Specs And Review

Athens Testament Bow Review

Athens Archery had bowhunters in mind when designing the Athens Testament compound bow. From the aggressive look of the riser design to the “engineered to kill” engraved on the cams, everything about this bow catches your attention.

Learn more about this 2013 hunting bow from Athens Archery in our review below.

Athens Testament Bow Specs

IBO Speed340 FPS
Brace Height6.625 Inches
Axle To Axle Length33.25 Inches
Let Off65% to 85% Adjustable
Draw Length25 – 30 Inches
Draw Weight40 – 70 Pounds
Bow Weight3.9 Pounds
Athens Testament Bow

Athens Testament Review

The Athens Testament is offered in black and Next Vista Camo as the standard offerings for the MSRP price of $799. Included are orange limb decals, high quality orange and grey bow strings and grey serving to complete the look. To reduce vibration after the shot, the Athens Testament comes with bowjax limb jax. Both the solid black powdercoating and camo options pair nicely with the orange accents.

Additionally, for a slight upcharge this Athens compound bow is available in: Predator Brown Deception, Bonehead Skulls Camo, Bonehead Web Camo, or Pink Next Vista.

The Athens Testament utilizes a binary cam system with their EV2X Extreme Velocity Duo Cams. A binary cam system is a very simple cam system for compound bows that slaves the cams together making it easy to keep in time. Once the cam timing is set with the use of a bow press, adjustments typically aren’t needed to keep the cams timed. Angled Cable Rod.

This Athens bow has solid Gordon Glass Limbs available from 40 to 70 pounds in 10 pound increments. The draw cycle of the Athens Testament makes shooting a 70 pound bow easier than one would think. The back wall is rock solid thanks to the design of the limb stops.

And after the release, there is minimal vibration or hand shock. The bow comes stock with both bowjax silencers and a string suppressor opposite the stabilizer mounting hole which both aid in reducing noise.

Grip bare metal of the riser. Wood Inlay with an engraved cross.

Archers who prefer a slim grip will appreciate the Athens grip design. The unique riser design of the Testament culminates in a high quality wooden inlay on the grip of the bow. Engraved in wood is a cross highlighted in orange to complement the other orange accents to the compound bow. The grip is comfortable and repeatable . Because of this, I felt no need to modify it in any way to be able to shoot good groups at distance.

Athens Archery Grip

Drawbacks to The Athens Testament

Athens Archery does not have a huge network of dealers across the country. You may find it difficult to locate a dealer near you to try out an Athens bow. Despite having a great lifetime warranty on their bows, you may not have a dealer nearby to help if something goes wrong.

Even in 2023, there are less Athens dealers than other major bow companies. Step back in time to 2013 when the Testament was released and it was even harder to try the bow out in person.

The Athens Testament utilizes fixed draw length cams. The cams come in half inch increments from 25 to 30 inches. Many archers have different draw lengths for different compound bow manufacturers. Some are notorious for running longer than the advertised length.

Without a dealer nearby to shoot the bow, it may be difficult to guarantee the right draw length for you. Additionally, if you purchase an Athens bow used it may be difficult to source a cam in the correct draw length for you.

For this reason many major manufacturers no longer utilize draw length specific cams. This increases the adjustability and gives archers the ability to sell your used bow to a wider audience later on down the line if you choose to upgrade.

Athens Archery Testament Review

Final Thoughts

At 33.25 inches axle to axle, the Athens Testament is a solid option for both hunting and 3D archery.

Athens designed the riser and limb pockets to create a unique aggressive look. The curves and angles are unlike any other bow on the market. These sharp lines combined with the circular cutouts increasing in size as they approach the inlaid wood grip and the result is an incredible looking bow.

The Athens Testament doesn’t just look good. The draw cycle is smooth and linear, without a big hump into the valley. For an archer who likes a solid back wall, the limbstops on this compound bow won’t disappoint.

Additionally, you have the ability to fine tune your desired let-off from 65-80% which is advanced for a 2014 bow. You may find this fairly common considering the PSE bows with Evolve cams or the new Mathews draw mods today. However, not many bows of this era offered adjustable let off technology.

I would not hesitate to consider Athens Archery for your next bow, especially if there is a dealer nearby and you can try one out before buying.

For a complete list of 2023 Athens Archery hunting bows visit their official website to view their compound bow lineup.

A few expert tips to consider when setting up and tuning your Athens Testament.

Obsessed archers understand the importance of tuning your bow for exceptional accuracy. Here’s what we did to get our bow shooting the best.

When setting up my rest and D Loop, if I centered the arrow in the middle of the Berger hole I was consistently getting a high paper tear. A slight shift of everything downward and then I was getting perfect arrow flight with bareshafts.

When bareshaft tuning the bow, I found the Testament Berger holes to be high on the riser. Because of this, you should center the arrow with the bottom of the Berger holes for your up and down.

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