Athens Summit 6 Specs and Review

The Athens Summit 6 debuted in 2020 and offered bowhunters a 30.5 axle to axle length bow shooting a blazing fast 345 FPS. See why more archers are switching to Athens Archery in our review of the Summit 6 below.

Athens Summit 6 Review

Short Review – Athens Summit 6 in 100 Words or Less

  • 30.5 Axle to Axle Length great for hunting from treestand or ground blind.
  • New MT Cams are smooth without a big dump into the back wall.
  • Draw length is now adjustable with a simple module swap.
  • Bow has both limb stops and cable stops for a solid back wall at full draw
  • Athens Save Your Hunt Warranty. Athens Archery will ship you a ready to hunt bow if something happens to your bow.


IBO Speed345 FPS
Brace Height6 Inches
Axle To Axle Length30.5 Inches
Let Off80 to 90%
Draw Length23.5 to 29 Inches
Draw Weight30 to 70 Pounds
Bow Weight4.2 Pounds
Athens Summit 6 Specs
The camo finish on the Athens Summit 6 blends in great in typical hunting environments


Don’t sleep on this overlooked 2020 bow from Athens Archery. The Athens Summit 6 is a good blend of an enjoyable shooting experience and performance.

A 345 FPS IBO rating with a 6 inch brace height is competitive in the archery landscape. The 30.5 axle to axle length is right at home in a treestand or a ground blind. This short ATA length may put you at a disadvantage, however, on a 3D archery course. For that, you may want to take a hard look at the Athens Vista 35 that was just released.

The new MT cams on the Athens Archery Summit allow for 1/2 inch adjustments without having to replace parts. This is especially helpful if purchasing a used bow. Using a T20 Torx, you simply remove the 3 module screws that attach the mod to the cam to set the Athens Summit 6 to your draw length.

On the shot, the draw cycle is a little stiff up front, but not inconsistent. For a 345 FPS speed bow, it builds steadily from the onset without a huge dump into the valley. The bow balances and aims solid, and the Athens grip is slim and comfortable.

With both cable and limb stops installed on the bow, the Summit 6 has an incredibly solid back wall. Dialing the let off up to 90% allows bowhunters to hold at full draw for an extended amount of time. This can be especially helpful when you’re waiting for the perfect shot on your target buck that has held up behind an obstruction.

Unfortunately, if your draw length is over 29″ the Summit 6 won’t work for you. Due to bow’s geometry, 29 inches is the max draw length for the Summit 6 with the MT cams.

Athens Summit 6


Athens Archery does not have a huge network of dealers across the country. You may find it difficult to locate a dealer near you to try out an Athens bow. Despite having a great lifetime warranty on their bows, you may not have a dealer nearby to help if something goes wrong. The Athens Summit utilizes draw length specific cams, requiring a nearby dealer to purchase from.

Additionally, used Athens bows have a lower resale price than other major manufacturers. Despite producing a great shooting compound bow, they don’t hold their value as long over time.

Quick depreciation may be a big consideration for archers who upgrade yearly. The resale value just isn’t there yet, as evidenced by this 2020 bow that is selling for half of MSRP only a few years later.

Conversely, bowhunters who like to shop for used bows can score big on a relatively new Athens bow by shopping used. There are deals to be had. I frequently check internet forums and eBay for my next bow purchase.

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