Athens Archery Closing

Burdened by a looming patent infringement lawsuit, Athens Archery is closing. Jim and Tracie Klossner recently announced on the Athen’s Archery Facebook profile yesterday. The cause? An upcoming lawsuit for patent infringement.

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Patent Infringement Lawsuit

The cause of Athens’ closure is from a patent infringement lawsuit. Bowtech Archery filed the lawsuit in response to Athens new cam tuning system.

Read The Athens Archery Lawsuit Filing HERE

Bowtech claims the Athens Accu-Tune Cam System was too similar to their Deadlock Cam Tuning System.

Subsequently, Bowtech filed a lawsuit and Athens is unable to fund their defense. As a result, they are now shutting down their operations.

This is a big blow as Athens was on the cusp of breaking it big. Despite being a smaller company, Athens has been consistently producing well liked hunting bows for the past few years.

Now, that is all set to change.

Athens Archery Closing

What This Means For Athens Shooters

Athens bows had a lifetime transferrable warranty, a unique feature that other companies don’t offer. “Had” being the key word. As you know, a lifetime warranty is only good as long as the company is around.

With Athens Archery closing, Athens shooters may have to be extra careful as parts availability in future years will become an issue.

I have dealt with similar problems finding parts for old bows, namely 981 limbs for PSE bows.

The company is still around but the parts aren’t being made. As years go on, they dry up. Always something to consider when buying a used bow.

Going forward, watch for sales on Athens bows. You may not have an Athens Dealer Near You so ordering online sight unseen may be your only option.

Don’t hesitate. Athens bows are smooth shooting hunting machines. It’s a darn shame that they won’t be continuing to make new bows.

Everything they’ve done up until this point has been excellent. We wish all of them at Athens Archery the best of luck in the future following their closing.

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