2024 Lancaster Archery Classic Results

The 2024 Lancaster Archery Classic took place on January 25-28 2024. It is the biggest indoor archery tournament on the east coast of the United States.

As such, the world’s best archers descended upon Lancaster, PA to see who would stand atop the podium.

For those unfamiliar, the Lancaster Archery Classic follows a unique tournament format. First, archers shoot a 60-arrow qualification round. From there they advance on to head-to-head matches leading to a a shoot-your-way-to-the-top grand finale.

This offers each finalist a shot to secure their spot at the top of the podium and the grand prize for their division.

The winners at the 2024 Lancaster Archery Classic are as follows.

2024 Lancaster Archery Classic Results

2024 Lancaster Archery Classic Results

Open Pro

  1. Bodie Turner
  2. Mike Schloesser
  3. Marco Bruno
  4. Stephan Hansen
  5. Richard Bowen
  6. Nick Kappers
  7. Matthew Burns
  8. Jeff Raney
  9. James Lutz
  10. Mathias Fullerton

Men’s Open

  1. Parker Baker
  2. Drew Hortman
  3. Zach Rebstock
  4. Hunter Garrison
  5. Mattia Vieceli
  6. Joseph Hershberger
  7. Mason Siverling
  8. Jacob Weber
  9. Landon Standish
  10. Jared Laux

2024 Lancaster Archery Classic Results

Women’s Open Pro

  1. Tanja Gellenthien
  2. Ella Gibson
  3. Elisa Roner
  4. Olivia Dean
  5. Like Arreola
  6. Jyothi Surekha Vennam
  7. Sharon Wallace
  8. Mackenzie Bergman
  9. Morgan Rives
  10. Paige Pearce

Women’s Open

  1. Marissa Harding
  2. Jamilee Moore
  3. Lanie Nish
  4. Anna Szatela
  5. Sachiko Keane
  6. Abigail Winterton
  7. Mindy Armstrong
  8. Dawn Houser
  9. Cecelia Higgins
  10. Irene Franchini

Master’s Open Pro

  1. Benton Christensen
  2. Reo Wilde
  3. George Ryals IV
  4. Tim Gillingham
  5. Randy Morocco
  6. Keith Trail
  7. Gregg Ayers
  8. Morgan Lundin
  9. Chad Hilburn
  10. Rob Morgan

Masters Open

  1. Ray Heisler
  2. Bryan McNeely
  3. Kelly Weathersbee
  4. Steve Luchaco
  5. Daniel Deterline
  6. Roman Bond
  7. Bob Reedinger
  8. Troy Blodgett
  9. Tony Harris
  10. George Morrell

Thinking about competing in the future? Grab your most accurate target bow and get ready for next year.To learn more about the Lancaster Archery Classic, check out the rules for this great indoor archery tournament.

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